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Seeds and bulbs paint a kaleidoscope of color to your home.

ATTENTION - It's time to roll back your sleeves and ‘dig in'.

Today there are a variety of seeds and bulbs to suit your needs - from the deer resistant daffodil bulb and showy milkweed seedlings to the breathtaking amaryllis shoot.

Are you looking for general garden tips or for the best flower deals?

Visit the separate links to garden, tree, andgrass seed. Our newest link to organic gardening is very popular. Explore the latestand greatest planting tools through the garden supplies link. There are various links to nurseries, seedling and shrub catalogs and books throughout our site. Information that usedto be accessed by books is now available online. It is more convenient and time efficient to research a variety of garden seeds or bulbs online than to obtain the same information from a physical store.
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Add value and beauty to your home the natural way by landscaping with only the best seedling and bulb variety. There are many types of grass suitable to the area of the country you live in. Plant to accent your property.

Are annoying animals disturbing your gardens? You will find specific plants that will repel the unwanted friends.

Sprinkle your landscape with a colorful variety of seeds, bulbs, and flowering plants. An excellent source of ideas is to visit some larger size spring gardens. While looking, notice how herbs, trees, and other plants blend together. The garden theme you are searching for should begin to come together. Put some "green" in your thumb and transform your property into the one your neighbors will talk about.

Growing plants and trees from seed can be done year round. Typically, you will want to start the seeds indoors so if you live in a colder area winter won't stop you. Below is a listing of some seeds and bulbs you may want to look into.

  • Attract butterflies with the 3Ls - by growing lavender, lilies, and liatris from seeds
  • Attract birds with sunflower seeds and plants.
  • "Perfume" your garden with lilac bulbs, white carnations seeds, and muscari bulbs
  • Repel deer by growing garlic, mint, and catnip from seeds
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